Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Through the Eyes of Another

Zhenya flew into Orlando on April 12th. It's her first trip to the States. She's here for almost a full month; ten days of preparation and two separate week-long hang gliding competitions. We are in the middle of the first, on the edge of Lake Okeechobee, Florida.

Hosting her has been an unbelievable treat. Being able to witness and experience her enthusiasm for adventure and all things new is like being both with a golden retriever who loves everybody and whom everybody loves, and with a wild horse crashing through the waves of the surf.

Even if you don't speak Russian, her spirit is still evident in her blog.

Zhenya's was delighted to escape from the last vestiges of a Siberian winter and fly directly into the heat and sunshine of Florida in April. In all of our journeys around the state, we usually drive with the top down, her face often obscured by her billowing hair.

Last winter while conversing online, I mentioned that the way her hair fell on her shoulders last summer as she ran around the various European hang gliding competitions (where we met) often reminded me of the majestic beauty of the mane of a horse.

"Like this?" she responded and sent me this photo.

It's hard not to like someone who refuses to take themselves too seriously.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mind the Gap

A few months ago a friend in Spain wondered why my blog had fallen silent. I told her that I was too busy doing so many things to have the time to post them. She responded, "You do it right, enjoy the moment, carpe diem!!!"

There is a hug gap and perhaps four notable adventures between the previous post about Iceland and the one before it about Russia (Sailing down the coast of Florida, Cuzco and Machu Picchu in Peru, Christmas in Haiti, New Year's in Norway).

In the next few months I intend to fill that gap...slowly.