Saturday, June 6, 2009

East Coast Championships


My last adventure with Zhenya before she returned to Russia and I headed to France was one more hang gliding competition; the East Coast Championships in Ridgely, Maryland.

Ridgely is only 60-90 minutes drive from Annapolis or Washington, D.C. to the west and Ocean City or Rehoboth, Deleware and other beach resort cities to the east. In the end, we visited all of them on the days when weather did not allow flying (dragging New York state resident Dana along on the quick and rain-drenched tour of DC, the first visit to the nation's capitol for both the Russian and the American).

In Ridgely, Zhenya was her usual amicable and popular self with this new crowd of people. As she wrote herself afterwards in her own bi-lingual blog:

Each time, coming to a new location, you look around and everything seems strange, but you know that in a couple of days you will love this place. Then you will leave, cry, and be bit envious of those who remain. And maybe they envy you ....
Well, it's ok, so much fun ahead:)

Slide show below.